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Manufacturing Process

  • STEP 1. Raw material warehousing

    The raw material are received according to the storage and transportation characteristics of each raw material.

  • STEP 2. Food research institute

    Development of various products through the Food Research Institute.

  • STEP 3. Raw material storage

    Only products that have passed the warehousing inspection are loaded on pallets and stored in accordance with

  • STEP 4. Raw material pretreatment process

    Selection foreign substances that can be mixed into the product, and then wash and cut.
    (Screening method : Visual screening, magnetic rod, mesh net, rod filter, etc.)

  • STEP 5. Produce Mandu stuffing

    Mixing meat, vegetables and various seasonings in a mixer.

  • STEP 6. Produce Mandu dough(skin)

    From Mandu dough by stirring main materials such as flour and starch and going through the vacuum and rolling process.

  • STEP 7. Forming process

    Put Mandu stuffing and dough into a molding machine to procedure products.

  • STEP 8. Steamed process

    cooking by passing formed mandu through steam heat of 91℃

  • STEP 9. Freezing process

    Maintain quality at the optimized condition by quick-freezing Mandu at -40℃

  • STEP 10. Inner packing (x-ray, Metal detection)

    Pack and seal product after putting passed products through the metal detector and X-ray.

  • STEP 11. Inner packing (2nd Metal detection)

    Packed products are passed throigh the metal detector (CCP2 - P) to control foreign substances being mixed.

  • STEP 12. Outer packaging

    Put packed products into boxes.

  • STEP 13. Storage, Shipment

    Storing or shipping the packaged product to the ptoduct warehouse.